Installation Supervision

Installation works and supervision over their fulfilment are the fundamentals for the reliable and faultless operation of the equipment supplied: busbars and cast-insulation busbars, allied equipment, support metal structures and foundations. During the installation works or the installation supervision, our specialists carry out assembly and commissioning of the equipment, perform no-load and operational testing as well as train the personnel in commissioning, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Why does a customer need installation supervision services?

  1. Supervision Engineers of RTC-ELECTRO-M plant undergo a mandatory annual certification to confirm their high qualification level.
  2. Busbars are supplied to the facility disassembled. To operate properly, they require correct assembly.
  3. The presence of an engineering supervisor at a facility ensures preservation of a warranty for the equipment supplied.
  4. This ensures high quality of installation works within the set deadlines.

What are the functions carried out by the Installation Supervisor?

An Engineering Supervisor of RTС-ELECTRO-M plant will train the installation crew and directly participate in the equipment acceptance to evaluate its quality and check the completeness.

He will carry out a visual inspection and checks technical condition. Further, he will check the conformance of structures within the planned installation or routing zone to the civil drawings. After performing all the necessary inspections, the Engineering Supervisor will proceed directly to checking compliance of the installation works being carried out to the equipment manufacturer’s instructions and rules, including:

  • check of joint fastening and connection of current-conducting and insulating equipment components;
  • supervision over installation and mounting of the equipment load-bearing components;
  • marking of the bus bar route fixing points;
  • upon completion of the installation stage, the Engineering Supervisor will attend the bus bar testing at the facility.

What mistakes may be avoided in the presence of an Engineering Supervisor?

  1. Equipment storage mistakes: outdoor storage of the bus bar after opening a factory package, bus bar storage in the passage points without any bedding on the ground or on shelves, in places not protected from dust and dirt etc.
  2. Mistakes in the installation preparation, e.g. storing components on a dirty duty floor and etc.
  3. Mistakes in buying the consumables: washers, nuts, and etc.
  4. Installation mistakes: mistakes in fixing the bus bar, joining sections with dirty bus bar ends, installation of clamps not complying with the design; installation of the coupling without removing the couplant from the bus bar heat-shrinkable surface and etc.

Conditions of installation supervision services

One working day comprises work of one engineering supervisor during maximum eight hours of services. The precise service beginning and ending time shall be determined by the facility installation crew schedule. The services shall be rendered on the working days, Monday through Friday, unless agreed otherwise with the Customer. The approximate bus bar installation rate: 5-10 m per day for an installation crew of 5-6 persons including the supervisor.

Across the installation supervision service period, the Customer shall, on own account:

  • provide a heated and electrified (provided with at least one operable power socket and lighting) lockable service room for the Engineering Supervisor’s use;
  • ensure the availability of materials and tools according to the manufacturer's instructions and design materials. The procured materials and instruments are used by the installation crew when performing work.

The Engineering Supervisor shall have the right to suspend works performed by the installation crew in case of revealing the violation of the manufacturer’s instructions. The directions given by the Engineering Supervisor shall be obligatory for the installation crew.