RTC-ELECTRO-M plant offers engineering services with our specialists’ direct visit of your facility.

Full scope engineering comprises the services as follows:

  1. After obtaining a bus bar manufacture request, the sales department and designer start gathering the initial data required to estimate the cost and perform a preliminary design for each facility. If necessary, our company's designers are ready to visit the facility to determine the actual equipment location and develop the routing options.
  2. After the information is collected, the bus bar type and the conductor line section are determined in order to ensure the needed operational reliability of a bus bar and its capacity.
  3. Further, for each particular facility, terms of reference, and specification to them mentioning the technical characteristics of the bus bar and the detailed information for the equipment to be connected to the bus bar, is developed by the design company. The designers of RTC-ELECTRO-M will help developing the bus bar routing concept considering features of a particular facility and assist design companies in preparing the terms of reference for the manufacturer.
  4. After awarding a bus bar supply contract, our design team will develop the bus bar routing drawings.
  5. The design documents will comprise a 2D or a 3D bus bar route model including sections, turns, ascending and descending segments, branch lines and joining points, as well as the equipment connection points with specifying the location of the bus bar suspension and fixing supports. 
  6. If necessary, protective enclosures for the equipment are developed and the locations for installing the equipment to be built in the bus bar are determined (e.g. current transformer or a voltage transformer).