About the Company

RTC-ELECTRO-M offers high-tech electrical equipment both manufactured at its own plant.

The range of products offered by us comprises:

  • Solid insulated bus bars type TPL, rated voltage from 0.4 kV to 35 kV and the rated current up to 12 000 A;

  • Cast-resin insulated bus bars type TKLC and TKLN cast-resin fire-safe bus ducts, for the rated voltage from 0.4 to 24 kV and the rated current up to 12 000 A;

  • TMS type bus duct in metal enclosure, rated voltage up to 1 kV, rated current up to 11 000 A.

Over the company's activity period, we have successfully supplied cast-insulation busbars to a number of energy facilities of PJSC Rosseti, PJSC Rus Gidro, PJSC GAZPROM, JSC Rosneft, JSC RZD, JSC Rosoboroneksport as well as other industrial civil facilities in many regions of Russia.

They include such important facilities as Boguchanskaya HPP, Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, 500 kV Ochakovo substation (Moscow), Skolkovo substation (Moscow), 220 kV substation of the ESPO pipeline (Far East) Kirishsky Oil Rifinery, Pravoberezhnaya CHP No.5 (Saint-Petersburg), Mezhdunarodnaya CHP plant (Moscow), CHP No. 3 of Bratsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill (Bratsk) and etc.

Today RTC-ELECTRO-M company portfolio includes the first Russian plant for the manufacture of small-scale phase-insulate cast-insulation bus bars with the rated voltage from 0.4 kV to 35 kV and the rated current up to 12 kA as well as small-scale complete cast-insulation bus bars with the rated voltage from 0.4 to 24 kV and the rated current up to 14 kA.

The plant is fitted with the latest European equipment. The production technology allows manufacturing high-quality products capable of competing with the foreign analogues, achieving high electrodynamic and thermal resistance indicators in manufacturing bus bar routes of any configuration. The plant electrical measurement laboratory is provided with the high-end equipment allowing to perform acceptance testing for each section of the bus bar according to the requirements of the Russian standards. Also, we are ready to introduce you to our production expansion plans - presently; the second stage of the plant is under construction.

Today we have our own engineering centre, performing the design and engineering works not only to satisfy own needs but also to implement the projects carried out by our foreign partners. Our specialists perform installation supervision as well as installation works for the whole range of electrical equipment supplied by us. Repair and maintenance service of RTC-ELECTRO-M provides technical support during the whole lifecycle of our equipment.

The advantages of cast-insulation bus bars are as follows:

  • compact size;
  • small bending radius of busbar sections;
  • simple installation (minimal maintenance);
  • operation period over 50 years;
  • high mechanical strength of insulation;
  • touch-safety;
  • electromagnetic compatibility;
  • high fire-safety;
  • high resistance to short-circuit currents;
  • high overload capabilities;
  • protection class up to IP68 inclusive;
  • possibility to install in seismically hazardous areas;
  • low electrical losses;
  • condensate-free;
  • naturally-cooled;
  • connection to any electrical equipment.

In our opinion, as the state-of-the-art product, cast-insulation busbars allow implementing the safest, the most compact and reliable connections for the electrical equipment allowing to avoid the future maintenance and repair costs. If properly installed, cast-insulation busbars ensure full fail-safety in production and distribution of electric energy.